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Knee Decompression

The common cause of knee pain is arthritis within the knee joint. Decrease in joint space is a component of arthritis within the joint, and the severe cases present as “bone on bone”. With the wear and tear that occurs overtime, the cartilage within the joint begins to degenerate. A good treatment option for this is knee decompression. Knee decompression helps to slightly increase the joint spacing of the knee and when this is done there is less stress being placed on the joint spacing. This treatment consists of gentle long-axis distraction of the knee joint. As the joint spacing increases, this allows more joint fluid to coat the surfaces of the knee joint, which opens up the possibility for PRP or stem cell injections.

Laser Therapy

When cells are damaged by an injury or sickness, the healing process may be slower. With laser therapy, light enters the cells and stimulates regeneration. When this is done, it can help to speed recovery and reduce pain by helping to restore normal function within the cell. In regenerative laser therapy, the lower level laser in Edmonds helps repair damaged cells by the stimulation of regeneration.

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